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3:29 am on Friday February 6, 2009

A squeeze on popularity: City cracks down on bar overcrowding

Image by Flickr user Streb Image by 20090206-occupancy.jpg If I can't get to the bar, the lack of alcohol tends to send me packing anyways. If the crowd in your favorite bar has seemed thinner and the line longer, it's likely a by product of the...
1:31 pm on Sunday December 21, 2008

Efforts for fire sprinklers fall short at the local level

Image by Adrian SampsonImage by 20081123-sprinkler.jpg Update December 21: The State reports that Columbia is the first city to offer tax incentives to encourage local businesses to install sprinklers. The unanimously approved measure will refund...
6:53 pm on Wednesday June 25, 2008

Legislature overrides vetoes; new laws on their way

Image by flickr user ionushiImage by 20080626signed.jpg A signature from the governor is the easiest way to make a law, but the Legislature can make one anyways. The S.C. Legislature overrode 15 of 20 vetoes. Fire sprinkler savings, more guns on the...
9:48 am on Wednesday June 25, 2008

Legislature debating vetoes, new bills

The Legislature has reconvened to look at possibly overriding 20 of Governor Mark Sanford's vetoes, they will also consider 10 bills still in committees. The Legislature has three days to debate the issues. Keep up with our veto-related coverage on...
8:27 am on Thursday June 19, 2008

Legislature to debate vetoes

The S.C. Legislature will reconvene today (Wednesday, June 25) to debate overturning Governor Mark Sanford's vetoes, like the sprinkler bill veto, notification of students with HIV, and 18 other vetoes.
8:19 am on Thursday June 19, 2008

Support building to override Gov.'s sprinkler veto

Original story (11:48 a.m. June 12th): Governor Mark Sanford has vetoed a bill that offers heavy incentives for homeowners and businesses to install sprinkler systems. The governor called the bill's heavy tax credits a government subsidy and more...