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12:44 am on Tuesday January 24, 2012

Beaufort giving the boot to those with too many parking tickets

Flickr user quinnanya If you've been the type to thwart downtown Beaufort's parking rules by getting tickets and just not pay them, know that the Beaufort Police Department and Lanier Parking Solutions are looking to make you cough it up. And with $...
4:15 am on Saturday January 15, 2011

Beaufort's parking dilemma: Another perspective

Flickr user TheDigitel Lowcountry Weekly has posted an excellent column on its site regarding Beaufort's parking issues, or as Mark Shaffer terms it: The Bay Street Conundrum. It's always nice to see another perspective regarding these issues as we...
5:25 am on Wednesday December 15, 2010

Beaufort parking fix proposals split over moratorium vs gradual tweaks

Tuesday's Beaufort City Council meeting kicked off with a bit of acoustic reverberation from a technical glitch and the swearing in of returning members Donnie Beer and Mike Sutton by Judge RalphTupper. But it didn't take long for the lighter nature...
2:15 am on Friday December 10, 2010

Of change, parking, and big city enforcement in small town Beaufort

Flickr user Jp Gary Like many objects of yore, there's a fondness for familiarity and the politeness which they represent. The Island Packet has penned a worthy column about the risk the City of Beaufort takes if it once again enacts sweeping...
5:44 am on Wednesday December 8, 2010

Double down or pull out: A final fix for Beaufort's parking meter debacle?

They would take credit cards, dollar bills, run off solar energy, and would reduce the clutter of the metal parking meters: In short, the new digital parking kiosks were to be just short of godsends for downtown Beaufort's parking. But, as though we...