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8:14 am on Thursday October 11, 2012

NBC's Revolution filming in Myrtle Beach (Update: aired, watch online)

Photo Courtesy: Revolution Facebook page (Scroll to bottom for updates. episode too) First Report 8/15/12: Where should a film crew look to film a post apocalyptic amusement park scene? Why not at the abandoned Hard Rock Amusement Park? The new NBC...
11:21 am on Saturday May 23, 2009

Freestyle Music Park opens in Myrtle Beach

Image by Freestyle Music ParkImage by 20090523-freestyle.jpg The park map.After dodging a last-minute legal threat, bankrupt Hard Rock Park has reopened in Myrtle Beach under new ownership and theming as Freestyle Music Park. Read more stories on...
4:51 am on Wednesday May 20, 2009

Freestyle Music Park (re)opening May 23 (updated)

Image by Flickr user jcolmanImage by 20090518-freestyle.jpg Update May 23: The park has opened. Update May 20: It looks the opening may yet have to hold of for a bit. The former CEO and chief creative officer are seeking an injunction against the...
4:41 am on Friday April 10, 2009

Hard Rock Park no more; now it's 'Freestyle Music Park'

Image by 20090409-park.jpg The new owners of what was once Myrtle Beach's Hard Rock Park were unsuccessful in licensing the Hard Rock brand, and have instead gone with "Freestyle Music Park." Read more stories on this subject in our Hard Rock Park...
4:05 am on Wednesday February 18, 2009

Sold! Hard Rock Park deal wraps up

A judge has OK'd the sale of Hard Rock Park to FPI MB Entertainment LLC for $25 million and told Coastal Entertainment that it had it's chance to bid. Read more stories on this subject in our Hard Rock Park topic page.Myrtle Beach Online has the...
4:57 am on Tuesday February 17, 2009

Now a third party wants a bite of Hard Rock Park

Image by Flickr user Curtis and Eric Image by 20090217-hard-rock-park.jpg Last week, FPI MB Entertainment LLC offered $25 million for the bankrupt Hard Rock Park, this week Coastal Entertainment LLC has stepped into the fray, saying they're...
5:06 am on Wednesday February 11, 2009

Hard Rock Park could reopen in the spring

Image by WikipediaImage by 20090106-hard-rock.jpg.jpeg Read more stories on this subject in our Hard Rock Park topic page.The bankrupt $400 million Hard Rock Park may yet reopen this spring, FPI MB Entertainment LLC is offering $25 million. Go get...
6:16 pm on Tuesday January 6, 2009

Hard Rock Park to be liquidated

Image by WikipediaImage by 20090106-hard-rock.jpg It's a Hard Rock life. If you were a fan of Hard Rock Park in Myrtle Beach, it's now even less likely the bankrupt park has a future. Read more stories on this subject in our Hard Rock Park topic...
3:36 pm on Monday November 17, 2008

Hard Rock Park up for sale; on the cheap

Bankrupt and long-beleaguered Hard Rock Park is up for sale, on the cheap. The $400 million dollar park has a starting price of just $35 million. If you were a fan of it all, hope it sell as it likely won't reopen until a new owner is found. Go read...
1:30 am on Sunday November 2, 2008

Hard Rock Park calling it quits, looking for new owner

Image by Flickr user scmikeburtonImage by 20081101hardrock.jpg Embattled $400 million Hard Rock Park in Myrtle Beach will close for good until a buyer can be found, according papers filed in court. Read all about the closing at The Sun News.