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2:49 pm on Tuesday February 11, 2014

Concealed gun carrying no longer prohibited in S.C. bars

Governor Nikki Haley has signed legislation that removes state limits barring concealed weapons permit holders from possessing guns in bars. "In an effort to preserve South Carolinians' 2nd Amendment rights, the bill allows for gun owners with a...
9:02 am on Monday February 10, 2014

Gov. Haley announces plan to sign concealed carry bill Tuesday

via Governor Nikki Haley has announced her intention to sign the Concealed Carry Reform Bill into law next week.
8:36 am on Friday January 24, 2014

Reaction to law that would allow guns in restaurants

Thursday, the South Carolina House of Representatives passed a bill by a vote of 90 to 18 that would allow people with Concealed Weapon Permits to take a gun into a restaurant or bar in South Carolina, as long as there's no sign barring weapons. The...
10:06 am on Monday July 29, 2013

Loophole in SC gun law allows mentally ill to have rifles but not handguns

South Carolina law does not allow people who are ruled mentally incompetent to own or possess handguns. But a loophole in the state's gun laws apparently does allow them to own rifles, even so-called assault rifles.
7:12 am on Friday December 28, 2012

SC lawmaker looking to make guns made in state exempt from federal law

Flickr User: esc.ape(d) Republican Senator Lee Bright of Spartanburg is proposing Montana inspired legislation to exempt weapons made in South Carolina from federal regulations.  The Firearms Freedom Act (FFA) has been making its way from state-to-...
9:57 am on Thursday February 10, 2011

Sorting through questions on South Carolina's gun laws

Flickr user Timtak Cassie Foss of the Island Packet published a fascinating piece last Sunday regarding the state’s rules on concealed gun laws, citing in the process the recent Christmas Eve shooting which left one Beaufort County man dead. As it...