RIDE III committee begins prioritizing road projects

RIDE III committee members have narrowed down the road projects that could go before voters in 2016, which may also include 200 miles of newly paved roads and resurfaced roads throughout Horry County and some cities.

A list of 31 projects submitted through a survey of committee members was compiled and presented to the whole committee Thursday. Each member will have a chance to give a presentation at a meeting in early March to explain to other members why their road projects should be included in the proposed $535 million RIDE III project.

A formula was used to prioritize the projects. The formula included prioritization by committee members, the importance the project to the Grand Strand Area Transportation Study, whether the project was on the RIDE II list, and whether it had bike paths and sidewalks, which was something the committee felt was important for the planned projects.

The top road project is a perimeter road with a multi-use trail from U.S. 378 to U.S. 701 South. The second was an upgrade of Highway 701 to widen it to four lanes with a multi-use trail from Homewood to S.C. 22. The third was a tie between extending S.C. 31 from S.C. 9 to the North Carolina state line and improving U.S. 501 between Conway and Myrtle Beach.