Myrtle Beach Wal-Mart employee injured while stopping alleged shoplifter

A Myrtle Beach Wal-Mart employee suffered minor injuries after he tried to stop a man who was allegedly attempting to take a television out of the store without paying for it, according to a police report.

Police were called about 10 p.m. on Thursday to Wal-Mart at 541 Seaboard St. where a 41-year-old store employee reported the incident, authorities said.

The victim told police that he saw a man select a television from the electronics department and then walk by all points of sell. The victim said he stopped the man and identified himself as a loss prevention employee and attempted to detain the man.

The victim said a struggle occurred and that he was scratched and bitten by the alleged shoplifter. The television was recovered, but the alleged shoplifter ran from the store before police arrived, according to the report.