Founder of TwitPic moving to Charleston

Image by Road sign image by Flickr user mitchgroffImage by 20090407-twitpic.jpg Noah Everett's admittedly quirky introduction to Charleston.

If first showed up as grumblings on the local Twitter scene: "@CRBJ @TheDigitel @new2 Here's some news. Looks like the founder of TwitPic just moved to Daniel Island," wrote Twitter user @johnturner

And now The Charleston Regional Business Journal has caught up with Noah Everett. It's a good story from The Journal, I particularly like this line: "With no strong ties to Oklahoma, he started to revisit the idea of moving to Charleston, which he first hatched while watching The Patriot in November."


Go read the whole thing, and catch up with Everett on Twitter @noaheverett.

And for those that don't know, TwitPic is an online photo-sharing service designed to be used with the micro-blogging service Twitter.