The After Parties: Charleston Fashion Week night two

Karen Briggs and Lori Wyatt enjoy Mychael Knight's after party at Chais Lounge Wednesday night.

Update: Photo added.

The combination of Charleston Fashion Week and St. Patrick’s Day proved to supply an interesting mix of styles, and people, for the second night of after parties. Although neither crowd seemed damped by the passing storms nor drop in temperature.

Dashing from the tents wearing a gold linen dress by Sarah Maxwell, macabre headpiece by Mike Grady and still sporting slick hair and makeup from the Mychael Knight runway show I noted just what an eclectic mix buzzed about the city. Pockets of green clad Charlestonians with varying degrees of St. Patrick’s Day garb ranging from mildly acceptable to downright horrible (green plastic crowns and shot glass necklaces included).

Chais Lounge was packed by 10:15pm with a line of annoyed Fashion Week goers, store owners and models out the door. Quickly spotted inside were Charleston style icons Gustavo and Andrea Serrano grabbing a late dinner, model turned designer and resident Holy City heart-throb Chelsie Ravenel, and groups of various models from the Fashion Week tents. Also spotted was jewelry designer Betty Holland, photographer David Sullivan and House of Sage owners Erin Abagnale and Danielle Garrow glowing from their crowd pleasing runway show earlier in the night.

Down the street at Torch, the crowd was a peppery mix of more Fashion Week goers and the usual Torch clientele. Models pranced about the bar area proudly mentioning their stylings by Sucker Jeans as party goers sipped cocktails and bobbed their heads to Jake B’s DJ set.

Heading back to Chais for a final once over of the party scene, we slipped behind the back room’s velvet rope for Featured Designer Mychael Knight’s celebratory runway show after party. Champagne and copious amounts of Red Bull flowed freely as a packed crowed celebrated the designer’s first collection since Byrant Park. Charleston vintage mogul Lori Wyatt was bubbly as usual in a beautiful black vintage ensemble from her own collection. The crowd, which  also included Charleston Fashion Week Creative Director Ayoka Lucas, Katie Kern, Austin Walker, Dalia Dalili, and Karen Briggs toasted the designer’s successful show earlier that night.

Parties on deck for this evening are Club Habana and Rue de Jean. Catch you under the tents!

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