Fires blaze in dry, windy conditions (UPDATE: man ticketed for fire)

Photo by Elliotphoto

Our sister site, TheDigitel Charleston, has more  coverage of the brush fires that crossed into Charleston County.

Update, 3/26/2011

The S.C. Forestry Commission ticketed a man twice for starting an illegal household trash fire near Little River, according to SCFC Spokesperson Scott Hawkins. has a write up here.

Morning Update, 3/24/2011

WPDE tells us that illegal trash burning was the cause of the Little River blaze that burned 50 acres. The also say the cause of the South end fire is being investigated.

First Reported, 3/24/2011

Hot off the heels of the fire near SC 31 and 501, more fires have popped up today on both the Northern and Southern outskirts of Horry County.

Fire rescue teams have been doing an amazing job of keeping these fires contained with no relief from the hazardous weather conditions forecasted until Sunday

The Sun News has been keeping running updates of the status of the current fires. Check it out for the latest.






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