Three Little Birds Cafe: Hidden in West Ashley but with classics that shine

In the song “Three Little Birds,” Bob Marley sings about waking up to the sound of three little birds by his doorstep. Those three little birds gave Marley inspiration for his morning. They were a reminder from the universe that every little thing was going to be alright.

We all know the tune.

And while most people can’t always rise to the songs of birds chirping, they can start each day at Three Little Birds Café.

Hidden in the far back of West Ashley’s South Windermere Shopping Center, the Three Little Birds Café serves breakfast and lunch to an in-the-know crowd of locals who seek healthful and fun food.

The interior walls of Three Little Birds are bright yellow. And if the crayon drawings hanging over the kitchen (the ultimate collection of amateur art) are any indication, Three Little Birds is one kid-friendly place.

The staff waits on the one yellow room, filled with tables -- and they get through the hustle and bustle of crowded shifts like Sunday brunch quite quickly. Service is friendly and sensible. The only challenge is deciding what to order. Black bean benedicts, banana pecan pancakes, Margherita mozzarella melts -- everything sounds too good to be true.

The menu at Three Little Birds has food to suit any appetite. Meat lovers, vegetarians, babies with bibs can all leave satisfied. The café is an ideal spot for family meals. The atmosphere is casual enough so if a toddler starts crying, no one will think twice.

And the food is as colorful as the restaurant’s insides. The zucchini and squash omelet ($7.95) comes studded with red cherry tomatoes. The bacon pancakes ($8.95) are cooked with bacon in the batter. A side of sweet potato home fries taste awesome dipped in ketchup. 

There aren’t many spots in Charleston where people can feel like they’re eating healthy, but not taking themselves too seriously. The Three Little Birds Café bridges the gap between fun eats and the health food. It’s a breakfast and lunch spot where broccoli, tempeh, and Swiss melts can be ordered alongside French toast stuffed strawberries, goat cheese, and whipped cream.

For all who dine there, Three Little Birds is a reminder to enjoy life and take it easy.

They're at 65 Windermere Boulevard in West Ashley. Open Tuesday - Friday 7:30 to 3, Saturday 9 to 3, Sunday brunch 9 to 2. (843) 225-3065.

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