2014 CSA Artist and Collector Meet + Greet

Charleston Supported Art hosts Artist and Collector Meet & Greet on February 19

Charleston Supported Art, LLC, recently announced details for year two of its innovative program of art sponsorship and distribution. Inspired by the buy-local, from-the-source model of community supported agriculture, the program offers art lovers the opportunity to purchase seasonal shares of original art created by a curated group of local artists, which includes Chambers Austelle, Elizabeth Calcote, Arianne King Comer, Jordan Fowler, Nina Garner, Lune Mer Porcelain, Riki Matsuda, Chris Nickels, Karin Olah, Lisa Shimko, Alex Waggoner, and James Wine. Shares for the 2015 program are currently available for purchase online. To accommodate in-person purchases, two Artist and Collector Meet & Greet events are scheduled, the first of which is set for Thursday, February 19, from 6:30-8:30pm at Redux Contemporary Art Center in downtown Charleston. The 12 featured artists will be present at this free event so that the public can get to know them and their work. Refreshments will be provided by Frothy Beard Brewing Company, Cannonborough Beverage Company, and Wine Awesomeness. All are welcome to attend.

Charleston Supported Art (CSA) supports artists in the creation of new work and aims to foster relationships between emerging and established artists and collectors with the potential for future art purchases.  Overall, 12 Tri-County visual artists working in a variety of styles and media were selected to participate through an open application process that began in November 2014. With the promise of a $1500 stipend, these artists will create 32 exclusive works of contemporary art for their assigned season. The 2015 program consists of three seasons – Spring, Summer, and Fall - with four artists featured per season. Collectors, also known as shareholders, receive a total of four pieces of original art with each share purchased, one from each artist.

Each 2015 CSA share is priced at $425 + tax and will be delivered through exclusive seasonal pick-up events hosted at venues such as The Faculty Lounge, Mixson Bath & Racquet Club, and Blue Ion. These pick-up events provide shareholders the chance to interact with the featured artists and fellow art enthusiasts, and will also be the first time the contents of each seasonal share will be revealed. Shares have proven to be a worthy investment for the novice collector looking to build a foundation for a collection, seasoned collectors aiming to keep abreast of Charleston’s ever-changing contemporary art scene, and patrons who enjoy sharing their appreciation for visual arts with friends and family by giving pieces as gifts. “This was such a great idea,” says 2014 shareholder Erin Ziegler. “You can already feel the positive influence of local artists throughout our home. We’re thankful to CSA for putting this together at an affordable price for local art supporters that don't have the time to curate a their own collection.”

Only 32 shares for each of the three 2015 seasons will be offered, totaling 96 for the year. Purchases can be made online at www.charlestonsupportedart.com, at the Artist and Collector Meet & Greet at Redux on February 19, or at the second Meet & Greet event of the year set for 6:30-8:30pm on Thursday, June 18, at Lowcountry Local First’s Local Works.

For more information about the program, to learn more about the artists, or to purchase a share, visit www.charlestonsupportedart.com. Additional questions or requests to be added to the CSA mailing list may also be directed to info@charlestonsupportedart.com.

About Charleston Supported Art, LLC
Charleston Supported Art is a platform to connect emerging and established artists and collectors.  Launched in November 2013, the program is part of a nationwide movement that has developed in over 40 communities across the country and is the first of its kind in Charleston. Organizers include Kristy Bishop, Camela Guevara, Erin Glaze Nathanson, AnneTrabue Nelson, and Ann Simmons. Supporters include Artist & Craftsman Supply, Básico, Blue Ion, Cannonborough Beverage Company, Faculty Lounge, Frothy Beard Brewing Company, Ink Meets Paper, Lowcountry Local First, Mixson Bath & Racquet Club, Paige Schaberg Photography, Redux Contemporary Art Center, The Cut Company, and Wine Awesomeness.