DEA Investigation at Lowcountry Medical Group (Update: Dr. Rhodes)

Doctor (David) Vincent Rhodes.

(Updates at the bottom.)

Mostly questions at this point, but activity is visible at the doctor group off of Parris Island Gateway. We'll be sure to update you as this evolves.

For now The Island Packet has some trappings on what's happening.

Update May 11: The investigation continues to unfold with rumors of many types flying, but all that is known for certain in the public sphere is that both the Lowcountry Medical Group and DEA are remaining tight lipped until this plays out a bit more. 

Update May 14: Doctor (David) Vincent Rhodes has been identified as the target of the DEA investigation and Lowcountry Medical Group does not appear to be involved beyond being a place where Rhodes worked.

We're watching the stories for new information, but so far The Island Packet's weekend report is still the latest; read it here.

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